Zoolab visit Year 6!


Posted by Mrs. Brady | Posted in General News | Posted on 12-10-2016

We had a fantastic time when Zoolab came to visit! We got to hold and learn about different creatures from the Animalia Kingdom and were able to build upon all we have learnt in our Science topic of Classification this half term. We loved the corn snake!


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The snake was my favourite.

I loved the corn snake the most. The tarantula was scary I had a heart attack when I saw it. The giant African snail is slimy but cute. the frog was also cute. The cockroach was fast and it tickles because of its hooks on its feet and it can hook onto glass and ever thing ells mostly

I liked the corn snake too!

the scariest was the tarantula I didn’t really like the snail I was surprised that snail slime is in shampoo

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