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Can you find the names of these strange sea creatures?funny-crabPhoto A


Photo B


Photo C


Photo D

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I know picture a and d a is a yeti crab and d is a axolotl is picture b and c even real creatures?:)

They are real creatures!!! Well done on a and d

Hi Miss Brady I miss you and all the teachers how is your new class I am having a good time in high school but I still miss you all I will remember those days clearly forever. Guess what a couple of days ago I went to bowick hall and we did raft building it was so fun and then I went on at trip this place called water park we free climbed on the side of a island called peel island and I jumped in the sea so cold :l then ewe had to canoe back 2miles but I had a good time I hope you have? 🙂

That sounds like great fun!

Ok I did some research and I found out that c is a Promachoteuthid Squid and d is a Cookie Monster sea sponge

Fantastic Sam and Mitchell! Merit each!

miss i was here all last night looking but finally found it a is a yeti crab b is a mauricio handler c is a promachoteuthis sullus hope there correct

and D axolotl PLEASE BE RIGHT

Well done Jessica Merit!

thanks missx

those creatures are weird and wonder full I like the axolotl and yeti crab the most and the cookie monster sea sponge I think that is what it is

I think they look funny too!

A is a Yeti crab

B is a axolotl

C is a Promachoteuthid squid

D is a Cookie Monster sea sponge.

I really enjoyed doing this.

Can you do more please?

1 merit – well done Kaitlyn! I’ll put some more on by Monday

Photo C= Giant pacific octopus
Photo= B Rock fish????
Photo= A Yeti crab
Photo= Axalotl

Check C and B but the others are correct – well done!

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